Cash  vs  Core

Statistics about Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, displayed side-by-side.


Cash vs Core was born out of a desire to build a dashboard to display some simple statistics in a spare screen. It quickly developed into what it is now. The data displayed is cached on the server and updated every minute, so frequent reloads will not provide fresh data. The page contains a meta-refresh tag set to 60 seconds which will take care of updating the page at a good interval.

Currently, price data is pulled from Bitstamp, or from Kraken if Bitstamp fetching fails, BTC data from or (if the first fails, uses the second one), BTC fee estimation from, and all BCH data from a BlockChair.

Fees are estimated based on recent blocks, or 0.0001 Bitcoins if the estimate can't be calculated/fetched.

This website is available from two domains:

The only difference is the order in which the stats of both forks are displayed in the stats page, which reflects that of the domain name.

Framed Version
Use this version in devices such as mobile phones or tablets, in which the reloading of a page forces it to display hidden UI such as status bars and address bars. This way the page can refresh itself without needing manual readjustment by the user.

This service is provided without any cost, and does not make use of advertisement revenue or tracking of any sort. If you would like to support the maintenance and further development of this website, please donate any amount of Bitcoin (Cash or Core) to the address below:


Bitcoin Core: 17AdVSev4fHh4LbtxJaawNc4WY1ct82b4P

New features are definitely planned, and will be implemented as time/resources allow.


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